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We provide our customers with high quality construction, installation & commissioning, in accordance with international standard.

One of the key elements of success in projects is competent Construction, Erection and Commissioning. With the experience of our staff, we provide our customers with high quality installation & commissioning, in accordance with international standard. We carefully plan our performance to help our customers in meeting their required quality, schedule and budgetary criteria.

The Middle East, one of the main regions with considerable resources of energy in the globe, is a ‎rich market requiring reconstruction of the existing facilities and also developing new petroleum &‎petrochemical complexes.‎

Our experience in constructing different facilities, cooperation with well-known international ‎companies and availability of our construction equipment are amongst key strengths of ‎RAMPCO. More importantly, RAMPCO’s detailed knowledge of Middle East region and ‎familiarity with the region culture can reduce costs and risks associated with construction ‎activities and improve quality of our projects.‎


RAMPCO provides construction project management services using proven technologies, systems and work processes to provide optimal results for clients.

Clients depend on RAMPCO to deliver complex and challenging construction projects in west Asia and north of Africa, on-time and within budget.

RAMPCO’s global network of construction resources facilitates the effective mobilization of skilled construction teams and advanced methodologies. RAMPCO has extensive experience with local considerations and managing culturally diverse workforces.

RAMPCO, as one of the main construction companies in Middle East, has the construction expertise for complex and challenging projects. It is evident in the people who manage our projects, the complex facilities we build and in the challenging environments we work.

Construction Execution

With construction project management services or subcontractor management, RAMPCO, as the construction manager, secures labor through carefully selected subcontractors with proven safety performance, execution excellence, and commercial success.

Construction Staffing

RAMPCO’s construction staff and craft resources are some of the world’s most talented across industries. RAMPCO maintains a global reach with a local presence that manages labor-relations on projects to promote and maintain labor harmony at project locations.

Construction Technology

RAMPCO supplies clients with execution services for all project phases; with experts in field construction execution, including constructability, performance engineering, quality, rigging, welding, software systems, and modularization. RAMPCO provides input into construction scope, to optimize construction activities and to offer cost saving suggestions during all project phases. RAMPCO construction is also available for project problem resolution in the field.

Construction and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)

RAMPCO’s construction organization has a deep commitment to the health and safety of employees in the field and to safeguarding the environment.

Construction and Sustainability

RAMPCO's sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of RAMPCO's clients while conducting business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about sustainability at RAMPCO.

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